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Slitter technology status and digital direction

2018-07-30 15:18      点击:
With the continuous development of information technology, digital technology in different areas is playing an increasingly important role. The same is true in the packaging industry. Domestic thin film cutting machine technology through continuous progress in speed, width, control and comprehensive performance and other aspects of a significant breakthrough in digital technology has also become an important direction for the development of domestic slitter.
Many packaging materials are used for packaging goods, often after cutting, printing (or coating), compound, cutting and other multiple processes, but each cutting process in the cutting process is different, the common cut The methods are:
(1) trimming, cutting off the process on the edge of the process reserve materials, and more for the composite membrane and other materials processing;
(2) cutting, the wide web cut into multi-volume narrow gauge material;
(3) sub-volume, the large diameter material is divided into several volumes of small volume diameter material, the equivalent of rewinding and so on. These methods are sometimes mixed, regardless of which process, after cutting the material should meet the corresponding technical indicators: size requirements (referring to the cutting material width and length size, etc.) and quality requirements (coil flatness, Surface quality, etc.).
Manufacturing and purchase of qualified cutting equipment not only to meet these technical indicators, we must also consider the following two factors: operating efficiency, including equipment, speed, stability and ease of operation of the machine, etc .; economic performance, that equipment The scope of application of materials, processing limit size, and equipment prices, energy consumption and so on.
With the continuous development of packaging technology and the improvement of packaging quality, the performance requirements of packaging materials to packaging materials has become increasingly prominent, there have been many special properties of materials, such as shading effect and the surface quality requirements of the aluminized film, extension High rate of CPP film, with high barrier properties of multi-material composite film. The continuous application of new materials to promote the rapid development of flexible packaging market. Market demand growth, and the development of special application areas, the requirements of the packaging materials cut more and more demanding of the cutting equipment is also increasingly demanding. On the other hand, with the automatic packaging equipment in the packaging industry in the progressive promotion, such as food packaging, cigarette packaging, these automatic packaging machine after cutting the quality of the material is very critical, which gives the cutting machine to high-grade , High-precision control has brought a broad space for development.
Previously used by domestic enterprises with high-precision, high-speed Slitter mainly for the few foreign manufacturers monopoly. On the development of domestic slitter, in the industry there is such a metaphor of the image: early slitter structure is simple, the speed of 100m / min or so, winding tension of the mechanical friction for manual control, people call it " After a number of transformation, winding clutch control, single motor control traction and winding, the speed of 200m / min the following, known as the "simulator"; after the new automatic high-speed Slitter, the use of Digital automatic control, the speed of 300m / min or more, like the field of modern communications in the "digital machine."
With the domestic enterprises to enhance the technical capacity, different manufacturers have introduced digital control of the high-speed Slitter. The following describes the production of several domestic manufacturers of high-speed digital control slitter, a glimpse of the latest domestic cutting technology.
New Concept of Intelligent Slitting
Hangzhou Dahua Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. at the beginning of this year to develop a flexible packaging industry for mainstream users tailor-made products - small prodigy Ⅱ Slitter. Small prodigy Ⅱ flexible packaging Slitter series, drawing on the past, Dahua Slitter many advantages. It adopts central winding mode and the latest digital control and drive technology. The stable working speed is 300-400m / min, the unwinding diameter is 800mm, the winding diameter is 500mm and the minimum winding width is 30mm. In addition, specially designed for the machine film machine, waste processing system, cutter conversion system are unique, more options, to meet the specific requirements of more customers.
Digital control of the man-machine dialogue system makes operation more convenient. The slitter can cut PE, PP, PVC and PET film, paper and composite film. The whole design to high-speed, high efficiency, high precision, high reliability as the basic requirements, allowing customers to truly appreciate the high quality, affordable price Slitter of the excellent performance.
UOB through continuous innovation has developed a series of digital slitter, Sundance Kid, Ou Shen, small prodigy Ⅱ series slitter is being more and more users. On the basis of digital slitting machine technology, Dahua Industrial has introduced a new concept - intelligent high-speed slitter, more perfect, more practical, more powerful new generation slitter.
Intelligent high-speed slitter continues the past all the advantages of Dahua Slitter, high-speed, high efficiency, high reliability, based on the increase of the cutting of the significant features of experts, including: process experts function, operation and expert functions after-sales Service Expert Function. Intelligent Slitter to solve the high-end Slitter operation of complex issues, the introduction of intelligent Cenozoic Slitter of the performance tends to be perfect.
Process experts function: Dahua Industrial R & D staff experience in the film industry to make this function can be achieved, through the optimization of parameters to achieve a cut in place. In short, like a fool camera, do not have professional photography skills, people can take a clear picture. It makes the operation easy to use, so that people who are not familiar with the material can also be a good sub-cut, cut out the film quality intact. At the same time, retain the user to set the parameters of the model.
Operation expert function: This function gives the machine the spirit, the experienced operator may establish the parameter, satisfies some enterprises the special cutting need, realizes the man-machine picture interaction, the operator and the slitter effective communication, has reduced the mistake greatly , In essence, reduce the incidence of errors, so that the operation in an orderly manner, like experts on the side.
After-sales service function: Dahua industrial control through a series of measures to achieve this function, accurate display of machine failures, easy maintenance and repair, the machine efficient operation. Intelligent high-speed cutting machine has easy operation, cutting high-quality, improve efficiency and so on. Dahua Industrial has completed the upgrading of technology, and the needs of customers in the past to provide Dahua Slitter upgrade services. Slitter
High - speed cutting technology
The traditional high-speed slitter refers to the speed of 300m / min or more, the domestic use of more high-speed slitter speed 300-400m / min between the North Wuxi City People's Printing Machinery Factory manufactured GFQ series of automatic high-speed points Cutting speed of up to 500m / min. The machine has the advantages of high speed (up to 200-500m / min), complete specifications (600-2200mm), wide application (such as film, paper, aluminum material) with high precision (Digital automatic control), and other significant features in one.
The machine's electrical system is controlled by the entire computer PLC, equipped with man-machine interface system (can be man-machine dialogue, according to the cutting process requirements to set the cutting parameters and working status display and monitoring, etc.), PLC using Mitsubishi programmable control According to the test result of high-performance pulse generator and the change of setting parameters and winding diameter, the tension of the suction roll is automatically controlled according to the taper mode. In the driving part, the main traction and the winding are respectively used Two Japanese Yaskawa variable frequency direct control torque with the vector control function, the rewinding part adopts the imported inflatable shaft and the clutch, combined with the adjustable pressure finale structure to realize the digital automatic control of the high-grade slitting machine. Unwinding part of the tension by the Japanese Mitsubishi automatic control system, the third bridge of the automatic photoelectric correction system, hydraulic lifting agencies and other components. The loading structure is a shaftless clamping method, combined with hydraulic lifting mechanism, convenient loading and unloading, saving time and labor, reducing labor intensity. There are two kinds of cutting blades: flat blade and round blade. The main electrical appliances, pneumatic parts and standard parts are imported brand-name products with stable and reliable performance. The price of the machine is only the same file and the level of imports of equipment 1 / 3-1 / 5, high cost performance.