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Bopp Slitting Machine market is bound to lead the rapid deve

2018-07-30 15:19      点击:
With the bopp slitter market, the rapid development of related core technology and application of R & D will become the focus of attention of enterprises in the industry. Technical process is a measure of whether an enterprise is advanced, whether the market competitiveness, whether it can continue to lead the important indicators of competitors based on bopp slitter promising, wide range of applications, slitter is your choice to invest in entrepreneurship project.
1, we have only two sides in the cutting edge of the explosive composite membrane, the volume of about 300 meters in the received, the burst tendons did not show up before the reel on the volume side of the two sides of the swap; Received about 700 meters, and then swap with each other, so close out of the finished product volume will not appear explosive tendons phenomenon. Thereby reducing the loss and improving the yield.
2, in the slitter reel sprinkled with a small amount of health-class smooth powder, but also to ease the phenomenon of explosive tendons.
3, we received a number of images have bursts of tendons in the volume of 1000 meters, about 300 meters in the coiling, the burst tendons did not show up before the roll of a roll of no problem to continue to take the film winding. So that the explosive tendons can not be demonstrated, it will not cause the film stretching and deformation, thereby increasing the yield.
4, the general situation only appear in the popcorn tendon extrusion products, dry complex products rarely appear tendon situation.